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Double-sided clamp holder for the camera - black

Double-sided clamp holder for the camera

We present a double-sided "crab clip" holder for the photo studio - a perfect tool that improves the quality of your photos and facilitates work in the studio. This strong clamp equipped with a rubber anti-slip mat and 360-degree angle adjustment is an essential piece of equipment for every professional and photography enthusiast. We assure you that the handle will make your work much easier, giving you full control over lighting and composition.

The most important advantages of a double-sided camera holder:

  • Flexibility and stability: With a rubber anti-slip mat and 360-degree angle adjustment, our holder provides flexibility in positioning the lighting while maintaining stability.
  • Versatility: The double-sided holder is perfect for a variety of photo shoots, allowing you to easily attach a variety of accessories and light sources.
  • Durability and solidity: The solid construction of the clamp guarantees durability and reliability, which makes it an ideal tool for intensive use in a professional photo studio.

Flexibility and stability – your control tool

The double-sided handle has been designed for flexibility and stability. The anti-slip rubber mat ensures a firm grip, and the 360-degree angle adjustment allows you to precisely set the lighting according to your preferences. This tool gives you full control over the atmosphere of your photos, regardless of the shooting conditions.

Versatility – The Perfect Solution for Every Photographer

Thanks to the double-sided holder, you can attach various accessories and lights without any problems. Its versatility makes it the perfect companion during portrait, studio and even outdoor sessions. Be ready for a variety of photo challenges with our crab clamp.

Durability and solidity - your tool for years

This holder was created for intensive use in a professional photo studio. The solid construction guarantees durability, and the quality of the materials ensures reliability during each session. Trust the reliability of our product and focus on creating perfect photos.

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