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Wozinsky mini jack extension cable (female-male) AUX extension 5 m black

Przedłużacz mini jack AUX Wozinsky z bliska

Wozinsky 5 m mini jack extension cable (female-male) - black

Want to extend your AUX cable? Choose the Wozinsky mini jack extension cable that will allow you to comfortably listen to music, watch movies or play video games - you don't have to be close to your phone, TV, console or other sound source! It is a very convenient solution for use at home, office or travel. The extension cord is durable, has a strong weave that protects the cable from mechanical damage . It comes in two lengths: 3 and 5 m .

Specification :

  • Brand : Wozinsky
  • Model : mini jack extension cable (male-female)
  • Length : 5m
  • Color : black

The most important advantages of the Wozinsky mini jack extender:

  • Freely extends the connection between devices . It has a comfortable length of 3 or 5 meters
  • Connects devices equipped with a 3.5 mm mini jack port , such as tablets, speakers, home stereo systems
  • Provides excellent conductivity . With pure copper wires and gold-plated plugs
  • Protects the cable from damage even with frequent use . It has a strong weave that will withstand many bends
  • It can be rolled up easily without the risk of tangling . The cable is flexible
Wtyczki przedłużacza mini jack AUX Wozinsky

Connect your audio devices remotely with the AUX extension cable

Give yourself freedom of movement while listening to music! The 3.5 mm mini jack extension cable has a plug (male) and a socket (female), so it will allow you to extend the AUX cable, ensuring the convenience of using the equipment . Thanks to the Wozinsky extender, you will gain a large range and easily connect devices that are far from each other. It's a great solution - both at home and in the office. The Wozinsky AUX extender comes in two lengths.

Przedłużacz mini jack AUX Wozinsky ma idealnie spasowane złącza

Mini jack extension cable with wide compatibility

With the Wozinsky AUX extension cable, you can connect headsets, portable speakers, video game consoles, car audio systems , but also phones, tablets or laptops equipped with a 3.5 mm mini jack port. The extender will be perfect for sharing music and movies with friends and family - anywhere.

Przedłużacz mini jack AUX Wozinsky sprawdzi się w podłączeniu laptopa do głośnika

A mini jack extension cable that provides clear sound quality

No matter what length of the Wozinsky mini jack extension cable you choose - the signal transmitted from the sound source will reach the headphones or loudspeaker without any interference or compression . The cable has a built-in copper core and gold-plated plugs. These noble metals have good conductivity, so they will ensure stable signal transmission. You don't have to worry about noise and audio delays . Choose a mini jack extension cable and enjoy excellent sound quality!

Złącze mini jack w przedłużaczu AUX Wozinsky

Wozinsky mini jack extension cable - ideal for frequent use

The AUX extension will serve you for a long time. It has been secured with a nylon braid , which is flexible and durable. Forget about mechanical damage, such as fractures or sprains.

Elastyczny i łatwy w zgięciu przedłużacz mini jack AUX Wozinsky

Tangle-free AUX extension cable

Flexible, high-quality braid prevents the cable from tangling . It is lightweight, easy to roll up and carry. It is ideal for travel, also for business.

Opakowanie przedłużacza mini jack AUX Wozinsky
Cable functionalityAudio
Main colorBlack
Product packaging depth in cm3,5
Product packaging height in cm18
Product packaging width in cm15
Weight (g)130

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