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Accessories - 3mk Hyper ThunderBolt Cable 240W

3mk Hyper Thunderbolt Cable USB4 8k60Hz

Hyper Thunderbolt Cable USB4 is a high-quality dual-band cable that complies with the latest Thunderbolt 4 communication standard. Its bandwidth is 40Gb/s, which allows for fast transmission of sound and images in high resolution 8K/60Hz. Compatible with Power Delivery and Extended Power Range fast charging systems as well as Windows, Apple OS X and Chrome OS operating systems. It is backward compatible with USB 3.2 and Thunderbolt 3. Hyper Thunderbolt Cable USB4 can charge mobile devices with up to 240W (48V/5A). Made of premium materials. Length 1 meter.

Hyper Thunderbolt USB4 transmits the signal in the highest quality 8K/60Hz.

Hyper Thunderbolt USB4 is a cable for people who value high image and sound quality. It has a bandwidth of up to 40Gb/s, thanks to which it transmits signals in 8K/60Hz resolution. As a result, the picture on the screen is distortion-free and the sound is noise-free. Using Hyper Thunderbolt USB4, you will not only send data/signal in the highest quality, but also quickly charge your mobile devices. The cable has an E-Marker chip. Choose Hyper Thunderbolt USB4 and enjoy perfect picture and sound!

You charge and transfer simultaneously - the modern standard of Thunderbolt 4 connectivity

The Hyper Thunderbolt USB4 Cable uses the most up-to-date Thunderbolt 4 connectivity standard for real-time bandwidth allocation. This allows you to simultaneously charge and transfer data or video between several devices. Users can project an image from a laptop to an external monitor while charging their device. The cable is compatible with Apple OS X, Windows and Chrome OS operating systems, as well as USB 3.2 and Thunderbolt 3. If you're looking for a practical high-definition data and video cable to connect multiple devices, the Hyper Thunderbolt USB4 cable is a great option.

Hyper Thunderbolt USB4 supports fast charging technologies

The Hyper Thunderbolt USB4 cable supports advanced charging technologies such as Power Delivery (PD) and Extended Power Range (EPR). Thanks to this, you can charge devices with a power of up to 240W (48V/5A). This cable is the perfect choice if you want to quickly charge your phone, laptop or tablet. Just plug it into a charger with a USB-C input. The cable is 1 meter long to easily connect various mobile and stationary devices. It is equipped with an E-Marker chip. It is durable and resistant to damage, so it is suitable for intensive use in changing external conditions.

Connector typeUSB-C (male)
Euro HangerYes
Main colorBlack
Maximum current (A)5
USB StandardUSB4 (USB 40 Gbps)

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