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Brand: Duzzona Model: 6934913042489
Duzzona T2 wall charger 30W USB Type C + USB white This compact charger allows you to charge various electronic devices. Its maximum power is 20W, thanks to which energy transmission is really fast and in the Power Delivery standard. Its small size makes it the perfect accessory to take on a trip. T..
Brand: Duzzona Model: 6934913042441
Duzzona Qi magnetic charger stand 15W stand black (W2) The Duzzon W2 magnetic charger will charge your phone with a maximum power of 15W. The design of the charger allows you to charge the phone in various vertical and horizontal positions, thanks to the foldable foot and the holder. Charging for sm..
Brand: Duzzona Model: 6934913042472
Duzzona 3-port GaN charger 2 x USB Type C + USB 65W PD QC3.0 white (T1) Have you ever traveled and taken only one charger for several devices? If so, you probably know very well how many problems it brings. Thanks to the universal solution presented by the producer of Duzzon, you do not have to worr..
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