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Brand: Dobe Model: 6972520253478
Dobe pad for XBOX controller stick black (TYX-0649) Dobe analog stick overlays are a great addition, especially for players who appreciate precision of control. The product increases grip and reduces slipping of fingers. Specification: Brand: Dobe Model: TYX-0649 Black colour Compatibility: Xbox Ser..
Brand: Dobe Model: 6972520251917
Dobe set of caps for Nintendo Switch + box for memory cards black (TNS-1844) The Dobe set is the perfect complement to the Nintendo Switch console. The original Nintendo Switch stick layout is troublesome for you? Do you ever lose game cards? There is a solution for this! Thanks to three sets of cov..
Brand: Dobe Model: 6972520252747
Dobe overlay kit for PS5 controller black (TP5-0513) The Dobe overlay kit is designed for the buttons and sticks of the PS5 controller. The overlays are made of silicone. This prevents the slippage effect, fingers stick well to the buttons / sticks. They are made in black, which fits perfectly into ..
Brand: Dobe Model: 6972520250910
Dobe round Joy-Con charging station for Nintendo Switch black (TNS-1882) The Dobe docking station will allow you to charge up to 4 Joy-Con controllers at the same time. The design of the station allows you to easily connect the controller to the charging port. There are 4 LEDs on the top of the dock..
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