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Xiaomi Watch S1 Active - 3mk Watch Protection™ v. FlexibleGlass Lite

Strengthens the screen

250% stronger display

Protects the entire display

Edge-to-edge protection

For any type of display

Protects even curved edges

Ready, steady, go!

In sports, you dodge. And in life? A bump, a scrape, a fall. The door, the body of the car, the asphalt - everything can be a threat to your smartwatch. The watch on your hand is several times more likely to be damaged than your smartphone. Take care of it as reliably as you take care of your phone.

Proven protection

You sweat it out in training - we give your display protection a real workout! Watch Protection™ strengthens the watch face by up to 250%. Impact testing isn't enough - we also test the safety for you and the environment. Watch Protection™ is RoHS certified and PZH approved.

Easy to install

How to protect your device effectively? The secret of success lies in a proven product and proper installation. At Watch Protection™ we have carefully selected the installation method taking into account the structure of the display. The protection for flat screens can be installed in the classic, dry way. Protection for rounded screens - with the use of gel. This ensures a perfect effect and an adhesion which is extremely durable!

Respect for differences

The top smartwatche differ not only in performance but also in design. For the design of Watch Protection™ we have taken into account all details: rounded edges, convexity and exact dimensions. The protection is, depending on the component, up to 0.2 mm thick and does not interfere with the appearance of the watch.


Protection typeProtective film
Screen strength250%
Thickness0.20 mm
Warranty12 months
Set includes:3 pcs. Watch Protection™3 microfiber cloths3 wet wipes (for flat displays) 3 pcs. Installation Gel (included for curved displays)
Euro HangerYes

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