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3mk Satin Armor Case+ Series iPhone 14 Plus - Black

iPhone 14 Plus case from the 3mk Satin Armor Case+ series in black

Are you looking for a case that will protect your iPhone 14 Plus even in the most extreme situations? 3mk Satin Armor Case+ is just what you need! It is an armored cover that will give you peace of mind during all activities.

There are no random elements in the Satin Armor Case+. Each is designed to protect your smartphone from damage. The case has been reinforced in the corners, and the Shock Pocket technology absorbs the impact force so that your device is always safe. And when you need your phone to be always at hand, strong magnets of the case will keep it even during extreme driving.

In addition, the Satin Armor Case+ has raised edges around the camera to protect it from scratches, and the aesthetic and functional recesses in the case act as cushions so that the landing of your smartphone is always soft.

But it is not everything! Satin Armor Case+ provides easy access to all ports and buttons on your smartphone, and also guarantees their full functionality and sensitivity.

don't wait! Choose Satin Armor Case+ and enjoy peace of mind during any activity you participate in. Take care of your iPhone 14 Plus today!


  • Brand: 3mk
  • Series: 3mk Satin Armor Case+
  • Compatibility: iPhone 14 Plus
  • Device model code:
    • A2632
    • A2885
    • A2888
    • A2887
    • A2886
  • Black colour

Key features of the 3mk Satin Armor Case+ for iPhone 14 Plus:

  • Full protection of the smartphone against damage - thanks to the use of reinforced corners, Shock Pocket technology and camera lens protection, Satin Armor Case+ provides comprehensive protection against falls, scratches and other damage.
  • Safety in difficult conditions - the 3mk Satin Armor Case+ is not only protection against falls, but also against difficult weather conditions or extreme situations, thanks to which the user can feel safe even in the most demanding situations.
  • High functionality - Satin Armor Case+ provides full access to the buttons and ports on the smartphone, and at the same time guarantees their full functionality and sensitivity, which allows you to freely use the device.
  • Stylish design - the case has been designed in such a way that it not only protects the smartphone, but also looks stylish and elegant. Customers can choose from a variety of colors and patterns, which allows the case to be tailored to individual preferences.
  • Easy installation and operation - Satin Armor Case+ is easy to install and use, so the user does not have to worry about complicated instructions or a cumbersome assembly process. The case can be quickly and easily put on the smartphone and enjoy full protection.
Case typeBack cover
Device ManufacturerApple
Device ModeliPhone 14 Plus
Euro HangerYes

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