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Wozinsky WBB37GRB bicycle bag with thermal insulation - gray

Wozinsky WBB37GRB bicycle bag with thermal insulation - gray

Discover how to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature on every bike trip! Wozinsky presents a bicycle bag with a capacity of 0.7 L, equipped with advanced thermal insulation. Perfect for storing cold drinks, it provides comfort and convenience, regardless of external conditions. Thanks to it, your favorite drink will always remain exactly as cold as you like.

The most important advantages of the product:

  • Keeps drinks at the perfect temperature . Thanks to advanced thermal insulation, drinks remain cool even during long journeys.
  • Practical capacity 0.7 L. The perfect size for carrying your favorite drinks without weighing down the bike.


  • Brand: Wozinsky
  • Model: WBB37GRB
  • Grey colour
  • Capacity: 0.7 L

Thermal insulation

The bag's advanced thermal insulation system provides optimal conditions for stored drinks, maintaining their temperature for long hours. Whether you're on your way for a short ride or planning a longer trip, you can enjoy a cold drink anytime.


The bag's 0.7 L of space has been designed to provide enough space for your favorite drinks without overloading the bike. It is the perfect balance between capacity and comfort of use.


The bag is an excellent choice not only for lovers of long bicycle trips, but also for those who prefer short rides. Its universal design and functionality make it suitable for any type of bicycle.

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