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Wozinsky small bicycle saddle bag 0.6 l black (WBB8BK black)

Mała torba pod siodełko Wozinsky WBB8BK - zamocowana na rowerze

Wozinsky Small Saddle Bag 0.6L - Black (WBB8BK)

The Wozinsky bicycle saddle bag is a great choice for both lovers of urban roads and forest paths . It has a compact size of 15 cm x 7 cm x 9 cm and a capacity of 0.6 l - so it will fit only the most important things. The saddle bag holds the frame stably, it is very comfortable . It is made of strong, durable material .


  • Brand : Wozinsky
  • Model : WBB8BK
  • Mounting method : under the saddle
  • Capacity : 0.6L
  • Material : polyester
  • Dimensions : 15 x 7 x 9 cm
  • Weight : 68g
  • Color : black

The most important advantages of the Wozinsky WBB8BK small bicycle saddle bag:

  • It will accommodate the most necessary things, such as a foldable pump, a patch for inner tubes or a rain cape . It has compact dimensions
  • Comfortable and convenient . The saddle bag does not get in the way even during a long bike ride
  • You can quickly mount it under the saddle . Velcro stabilize the bag
  • It will work even in more difficult conditions . The material of the saddle bag is durable
  • It will ensure safety while driving . It has a sewn-in reflective strip and a place to attach a rear light
Sakwa podsiodłowa zamontowana na rowerze górskim - Wozinsky WBB8BK

With active users in mind

Bicycle trips are an interesting way to spend free time and economical transport around the city. The Wozinsky WBB8BK saddle bag will not only help you pack the necessary equipment, but also provide great comfort . Thanks to its compact size and strong Velcro , it won't get in the way or move around .

Mała torba rowerowa Wozinsky WBB8BK zamontowana pod siodełkiem

Wozinsky WBB8BK small saddle bag

The Wozinsky WBB8BK saddle bag measures 15cm x 7cm x 9cm and weighs 68 grams. It will fit only the most necessary things - a flashlight, a lanyard, TWS wireless headphones or patches for inner tubes. Its capacity of 0.6 liters is enough to transport these accessories comfortably and safely. Inside the main compartment you will also find a loop to which you can attach, for example, keys.

Pojemność torby podsiodłowej Wozinsky WBB8BK

A small saddle bag that is invisible under the saddle

Small dimensions make the saddle bag almost invisible . A zipper is used to open it, and the whole thing is made of a solid material . The assembly is quick and does not require any tools - the Wozinsky WBB8BK saddle bag has solid Velcro sewn in .

Rzepy w torbie podsiodłowej Wozinsky WBB8BK

A saddle bag that can withstand tougher conditions

Each bicycle bag, regardless of size, should be durable - after all, you take it with you on less and more demanding routes. The Wozinsky WBB8BK saddle bag is made of polyester, which is not afraid of tearing or cracking .

Sakwa rowerowa zamocowana pod siodełkiem rowerowym Wozinsky WBB8BK

Saddle bag with reflectors

The Wozinsky saddle bag has two additional functionalities that will allow you to feel safe even during night riding . A special holder for a bicycle lamp and a small reflector has been sewn into the back. So you can take the pouch with you on every trip!

Odblask i zawieszka na lampkę przy torbie rowerowej pod siodełko Wozinsky WBB8BK
Sakwa rowerowa podsiodłowa Wozinsky WBB8BK
Sakwa na rower pod siodełko Wozinsky WBB8BK widziana z boku
Wymiary torby na rower pod siodełko Wozinsky WBB8BK
Main colorBlack

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