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Swivel silicone bike holder - black

Swivel silicone bike holder - black

We will present you a revolutionary rotating bicycle holder that will change your cycling experience. This is an irreplaceable accessory for every two-wheeler enthusiast, designed with safety and comfort in mind. Don't let cycling be monotonous - our bike holder will add a new dimension to your trips!

The most important advantages of the swivel silicone bicycle holder:

  • Flexibility and Durability: Made of high-quality silicone and ABS, our holder is flexible yet extremely durable. This means it will safely hold your phone while driving, even in difficult off-road conditions.
  • Compact Size: Just 130*60mm and with a weight of only 45g, our holder is extremely light and compact, which makes it easy to carry and does not weigh down your bike.
  • Sleek Design: Available in black, our holder not only serves a practical purpose, but also looks stylish, adding a modern touch to any bike.

Flexibility and durability

Our holder is characterized by unrivaled flexibility, thanks to which it adapts to various phone sizes. Regardless of whether you have a smaller or larger model, our holder will provide reliable stability.

Compact size - lightness you will appreciate

Forget about massive handles that weigh down the bike. At just 45g, our mount is so light that you won't feel the extra weight even after installing it. Enjoy free riding without unnecessary burden!

Elegant design – a style that stands out

Not only functional, but also designer. Our black handle is not only a practical solution, but also an additional styling element for your bike. Be ready for looks of envy!

Simple installation – get started quickly

Installing the mount on your bike has never been easier. Thanks to the intuitive mounting system, you'll be ready to ride in the blink of an eye. Concentrate on the route, not the grip complications!

Versatility – fits many types of bicycles

Our holder is designed to fit various types of bikes - from mountain to city bikes. No matter what kind of bike you have, our bike holder will be the perfect travel companion.

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