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Silicone bicycle phone holder - black

Silicone bicycle phone holder - black

We will present you an innovative silicone bicycle phone holder that will make your bicycle trips even more exciting. With its unique features and solid construction, this holder will ensure not only safety but also comfort when using your phone while driving. Let your rides take on a new dimension!

The most important advantages of the bicycle phone holder:

  • Flexible and Secure Mount: The four corners are attached with highly flexible silicone straps that keep your phone stable even under intense vibrations.
  • Anti-slip design: Straps equipped with anti-slip elements provide stable cushioning and effectively prevent slipping, ensuring the safety of your device.
  • Tool-free assembly: Thanks to simple assembly, installation and removal take only a few seconds, allowing you to quickly prepare for riding.

Flexible and safe mounting - your phone is always safe

The advanced design using silicone straps guarantees that your phone will remain securely attached, even in difficult field conditions. You don't have to worry about the device falling out - now you can confidently use bicycle navigation or listen to your favorite music while riding.

Anti-slip design - stability and safety

Specially designed anti-slip strips eliminate the risk of slipping, which means that your phone will remain securely in place, regardless of weather conditions or the difficulty of the route. Enjoy a stable ride knowing your phone is protected.

Tool-free assembly – quick and convenient

Don't waste valuable time on complicated assembly. Our bike phone holder allows for tool-free installation, meaning you'll be ready to ride in just a few seconds. A convenient and effective solution for active cycling enthusiasts.

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