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Rockbros GMBT1001RD bicycle grips - red

Rockbros GMBT1001RD bicycle grips made of silicone foam - red

Try the reliable and comfortable Rockbros GMBT1001RD bicycle grips. Their unique design not only provides a pleasant grip, but also effectively dampens vibrations and oscillations. They provide exceptional comfort while driving. They work great at all distances and in all weather conditions.

The most important advantages of Rockbros GMBT1001RD bicycle grips:

  • They are soft and pleasant to the touch . They are made of silicone foam. They allow you to hold the steering wheel more securely, even in difficult conditions.
  • They prevent your hands from slipping . They are not subject to deformation and perfectly dampen vibrations and oscillations. They ensure a smooth ride even on uneven trails.
  • Installation is extremely simple . Does not require the use of specialized tools.
  • They fit most bicycles . The inner diameter is 22 mm. They are the perfect choice for every cyclist.
  • They are perfect for mountain expeditions . They are an excellent choice regardless of weather conditions.


  • Brand : Rockbros
  • Model : GMBT1001RD
  • Inner diameter : 22 mm
  • Material : silicone foam
  • Red colour

Resistance to vibrations and oscillations

They dampen vibrations and oscillations, which translates into significant driving comfort and reduction of hand fatigue during long routes. They provide a secure grip and eliminate the risk of the hand slipping even in difficult terrain conditions.

Universal fit

Each holder is 13 cm long and their internal diameter is 22 mm, so they fit any bicycle with standard handlebars.

For all weather conditions

They are resistant to weather conditions, mechanical damage and deformation. They have a smooth structure without grooves and patterns.


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